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Do you need to find the best accident claims solicitor for your accident and personal injury claim? Do you want to work with a specialist, an expert in their sector? Do you need help with an accident claim or an employment law matter? Whatever the nature of your legal enquiry, let us take care of this for you and connect you with a recognised legal expert.

All of our accident claims solicitors are chosen because they are experts in the chosen area of law for which they join The Legal Oracle. For instance, if you need an accident claim solicitor, you will be matched with one that is an expert in this sector, one who will get you the right amount of compensation in the fastest time possible. If you need a conveyancing solicitor to move house, we will connect you with a solicitor with great experience in helping people buy and sell their homes and who only deals with property related matters.

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Accident Claims

Our Accident Claims Solicitors have recovered millions of pounds in compensation for injured people just like you. By dealing only with personal injury claims on a day to day basis, their knowledge of the personal injury claims process and their ability to settle claims quickly for the right amount of compensation for you is second to none.

We take away the stress and worry of you trying to find the right accident claims solicitor for you because we have already found the best solicitors across the UK. They are ready and waiting to help you with your personal injury claim right now, and will instantly explain your legal rights and options.

Why Choose The Legal Oracle Solicitor For An Accident Claim?

All our solicitors are checked and vetted to ensure that they meet our criteria in the following ways :-

  • Before they can start working for you, they are interviewed by our managing director. He is quickly able to assess whether they have the personal injury claims skills needed, but also whether they are easy to speak with on the telephone and will give you the service that you deserve.
  • At the end of every accident claim, we carry out an interview with each client to ensure that they have been completely satisfied with the service provided. This ensures that not only does the accident claims solicitor start off by providing an excellent service, but through continual feedback they continue to achieve the right levels of service for you. It means that people like you are constantly monitoring and providing feedback on the service and is one of the reasons why we believe that you should ask The Legal Oracle to help you find the right accident claims solicitor.

We see The Legal Oracle as a matchmaking service for clients in need of a good solicitor, and excellent accident claims solicitors in need of good clients.

What If I Already Have My Own Accident Claims Solicitor?

If you have previously used a solicitor, why use The Legal Oracle over and above your current solicitor? There are several important reasons, the main ones being as follows :-

  1. Although you may have used your solicitor for a previous transaction in which they were a specialist, the legal issue you now need solving might be out of their area of expertise. With The Legal Oracle you can be sure that the solicitor you speak with has been chosen for their specialist knowledge in the area of law for which they have been selected. For instance, if you choose a personal injury solicitor from The Legal Oracle, you can be confident that they are experts in the area of accident claims and will provide you not only with a great service, but obtain the right amount of compensation for you;
  2. The solicitor you previously used may have closed their business or sold their business onto somebody else; and
  3. The standards of service may have deteriorated since you last used the firm. Through our constant feedback and assessment of the existing clients of The Legal Oracle service, we are confident that our solicitors are the best solicitors to help you right now.

The Cost Of Our Personal Injury And Accident Claims Service To You

The cost of our personal injury claims and accident claims service to you is completely free of charge. Our solicitor members see us as a finding tool to help them locate excellent new clients just like you. Therefore, they pay a membership fee to be a part of The Legal Oracle. However, that membership fee is not passed onto you in any way, shape or form and it does not deteriorate from the level of customer service that you can expect. If a solicitor does not constantly meet the high levels of customer service they will be removed from The Legal Oracle membership.

For some areas of law, such as accident injury claims, you can make a No Win No Fee claim.NOTE: If your case is successful your Solicitor will deduct up to a maximum of 25% of your final settlement or compensation award as payment for their fees. You can find out more about No Win No Fee arrangements and the potential costs that can be incurred by clicking here.

For other areas of law, such as conveyancing or writing wills, there will of course be charges to be paid to the solicitor. However, all initial contact with The Legal Oracle solicitors is completely free of charge so you can be confident of discussing your needs with a solicitor on the telephone or face to face and then being provided with a price which you can accept or reject. You are not bound to choose The Legal Oracle solicitor if you do not feel that they are the right firm to help you, but we are fairly confident that once you have spoken with them you will be keen to use their services. However, it remains your choice.

Our Team

Our management team includes an engineer with practical processing experience.

Although our registered offices are in Pembrokeshire, Wales, our "first contact team" take your calls from offices in Chippenham, Wiltshire.

Why Not Try Our Service Now?

Why not make a free enquiry now by contacting us in one of the following ways to find out if and how much you can get for your accident or personal injury claim (no cost and no obligation to proceed, we are here to help):-

  1. Call us free on 0800 142 2775 between the hours of 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm on Saturday and 8am to 5.30pm on Sunday; or
  2. Provide us with some details and one of The Legal Oracle solicitors will be in touch with you – make a Quick Enquiry now.


Why Spend Time Trying to Find the Right Solicitor when We Have Already Done It for You?

How do you know which solicitor will provide you with the best service? While you can assume that solicitors have a basic level of legal knowledge, how can you be confident that they really are the right solicitor for you?

The Legal Oracle take the worry out of the search. We have done the pre-approval for you, ensuring that The Legal Oracle solicitors provide highly efficient, specialist expertise, complete competence and a friendly and helpful service. Call us free now on 0800 142 2775.

UK Coverage

We have specialist Solicitors across England, Wales and Scotland ready and waiting to help you.