No Win No Fee Claims For Medical Negligence

If you decide to pursue your medical negligence claim through The Legal Oracle, one of our Solicitors will assess the merits of your enquiry with you and if there are sufficient prospects for success, they will normally offer to take your case forward on a No Win No Fee basis (known as a Conditional Fee Agreement or CFA).

The basic premise of a No Win No Fee agreement is that you will not have any up front payments to make and you will not have to bear the cost of your Solicitor’s basic charges when your case concludes (either successfully or unsuccessfully). If your case is successful, your Solicitor’s basic charges will be recovered from your opponent. If your case is not successful, your Solicitor’s basic charges will be written off.

What Fees Will My Solicitor Charge?

For a No Win No Fee claim, a Solicitor’s basic charges are dealt with as noted above and at the end of a successfully concluded case, the Solicitor will deduct a percentage of your final compensation, known as a Success Fee. The percentage charged to you by your Solicitor for this Success Fee can be up to a maximum of 25% of your final compensation.

Is There A ‘Termination Fee’ Payable If I Change My Mind About Pursuing My Case?

Once you have instructed a Solicitor (and signed a No Win No Fee or ‘Conditional Fee Agreement’) and they have begun working on your case, there will be costs accrued for the work your Solicitor has done. If you choose not to continue with your case or decide to move your case to another Law Firm, you will be liable for settling those costs with your Solicitor.

There is not therefore a fixed value ‘Termination Fee’ payable, as the sum due will quite clearly depend on how much work has been completed by your Solicitor and the hourly rate charged for the work. In the scenario where you choose to move your case to another Law Firm, your Solicitor will normally give you two options; either to settle the fees due or for them to seek an undertaking from your new Solicitor that the fees can be recovered in the normal way when your case is concluded.

Rest assured however, all funding options and potential costs will be discussed with you by your Solicitor prior to entering into a Conditional Fee Agreement so that you have a clear and definitive summary of the potential financial obligations.

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