Probate Solicitors

The loss of a loved one is a difficult time. As well as grieving for their loss, you also have to undertake the mundane and tedious task of filing probate. Trusting the probate process to a specialist probate solicitor ensures that all legal requirements will be complied with and that it will all be completed as quickly as possible, leaving you to concentrate on the more personal aspects of probate.

The Legal Oracle can match you with expert probate solicitors across England and Wales to ensure that you are given fast and proper attention and to provide you with an efficient probate service.

To be matched with a specialist solicitor free of charge, simply call us now on 0800 142 2775 and let us help you.

How Our Service Works For You

We obtain a few simple details from you and then match you with one of our specialist probate solicitors. They contact you and explain how they can help you, the prospects of your success and the costs for helping you. Until this point you have no incurred liability or obligation whatsoever.

Therefore, you are able to speak with a solicitor free of charge and find out whether they are the right solicitor to help you. If you like them, you can agree to take things further with your chosen probate solicitor. The Legal Oracle is a completely free service for you to use.

Why Ask The Legal Oracle To Help You Find A Probate Solicitor?

Our sole purpose is to match people in need of expert solicitors with the best solicitors for their needs.

If you are using a solicitor for the first time, or have not used a solicitor for this type of matter, how do you know which solicitor is going to provide you with the best service? Whilst everyone can assume that all solicitors have a basic level of legal knowledge, until you try them you cannot be confident. We take this uncertainty out of the process by pre-vetting each solicitor that works with The Legal Oracle to ensure that they have the expertise that you need.

We also ensure they provide a friendly, helpful and speedy service.

Why Choose The Legal Oracle Solicitor For Your Probate Matter?

All our solicitors are checked and vetted to ensure they meet our criteria in the following ways :

  • Before they can start working for you, they are interviewed by our managing director. He is quickly able to assess whether they have the legal skills needed, but also whether they are easy to speak with on the telephone and will give you a service that you deserve.
  • At the end of every matter, we carry out an interview with each client to ensure that they have been completely satisfied with the service provided. This ensures that not only does the solicitor start off by providing an excellent service, but through continual feedback from people like you they can continue to achieve the best levels of service for you.

The Cost Of Our Service To You

The cost of our service to you is completely free of charge. The solicitor will discuss your probate needs with you and then provide you with a price for their services. You can then decide whether you would like to use them or not. It is completely within your control and until that point you will have incurred no charges.

Make A Quick Enquiry

Why not make a quick enquiry now by contacting us in one of the following ways to see how our specialist probate solicitors can help you (no cost and no obligation to proceed) :-

  1. Call us free on 0800 142 2775 or
  2. Provide us with some details and one of The Legal Oracle solicitors will be in touch with you – make a Quick Enquiry now.


Why Trawl The High Street Trying To Find The Right Probate Solicitor When We Have Already Done It For You?

If you are using a probate solicitor for the first time, or have not used a solicitor for a long time, how do you know which solicitor is going to provide you with the best service? Whilst everyone can assume that they all have a basic level of legal knowledge that means that they should be able to help you with your matter, how can you be confident that they really are the right solicitor for you?

With The Legal Oracle, you do not need to worry. We have done the pre-approval and ensured that not only are they extremely efficient and competent in their specialist legal area of probate law, but that they also provide a friendly and helpful service. For instant help, call us free now on 0800 142 2775.

UK Coverage

We have specialist Solicitors across England, Wales and Scotland ready and waiting to help you.