How to Claim for Whiplash With Additional Free Benefits Only Available From The Legal Oracle

How to Claim for Whiplash

Find Out All You Need To Know About How To Make A Whiplash Injury Compensation Claim

Find out how to claim for whiplash using only specialist whiplash claims solicitors without incurring any costs payable by you!

If you have been involved in a car accident and suffered a whiplash injury, how much will it cost you to claim for whiplash compensation? Can you really pursue a whiplash injury compensation claim without incurring any legal costs? Yes, you can, but only if you make the right choice now. Let us explain how you can claim for whiplash, receive private medical treatment and be helped by a specialist whiplash claim solicitor!

How To Claim For Whiplash

This is how easy it is to claim for whiplash with The Legal Oracle:

  • Call us free on 0800 142 2775 or complete our Online Enquiry.
  • The Legal Oracle specialist whiplash claim solicitor will obtain all of the information that they need to complete the claim forms (no form filling for you - we take care of it all for you)
  • A replacement car or motorcycle is arranged for you free of charge - if you need it
  • Any private medical treatment needed if you are suffering is also arranged for you
  • Your solicitor will notify the insurance company for the other driver of your claim
  • Your solicitor will obtain medical evidence to confirm the extent of your injuries, collect details of your expenses and losses and submit these to the insurance company and request settlement offers for your claim (having advised you how much you can expect to receive)
  • Your solicitor will carry out tough negotiations with the insurance company to ensure that you receive the best offer possible for your whiplash claim
  • You are advised of the offer of compensation and because it is more than you expected (we always try harder than most companies), you accept the offer
  • Your cheque for the full amount of your claim is sent to you within 14 days, your claim is concluded.
  • You receive a call from The Legal Oracle so that we can check you were happy with the service from your solicitor and that you would be happy to recommend our service to anyone else who was injured in an accident.

Why not put us to the test with your whiplash claim? Call us free now on 0800 142 2775 or complete our Online Enquiry and let us take really good care of you and your whiplash claim.

How To Claim For Whiplash In England and Wales

To understand how to claim for whiplash without incurring huge legal costs from specialist whiplash claims solicitors you need to understand the basics of the English Legal System (don't worry we are not going to give you a long essay; just a brief outline). In England and Wales the law states that if someone injures you due you are entitled to compensation and ALSO to recover your legal costs. It is this law that means that the cost of your claim will be paid by the other driver's insurance company in addition to your whiplash injury compensation claim. Whilst some companies and solicitors will charge you an administration fee or 'handling costs', The Legal Oracle ensures that you pay us absolutely nothing (although some costs may be payable to the solicitor at the end of your claim if it is successful).

How We Choose Our Whiplash Claims Solicitors?

We hand select only the best whiplash claims solicitors to help you make your whiplash injury compensation claim. At the end of every whiplash injury compensation claim we contact all of our clients to obtain feedback and to ensure that our service is still meeting the high standards which we strive for.

Why not test us out for yourself? Call us free now for a free, no obligation assessment of your whiplash claim on 0800 142 2775 or complete our e online.

The Legal Oracle Service Promise For You

We are so certain that our service is the best available for your whiplash injury compensation claim that we make you this promise about it:

  • Approachable Solicitors - Our whiplash claims solicitors are friendly, approachable and are all recognised accident claim experts.
  • No Hidden Costs – Unlike many of our competitors, The Legal Oracle’s service is completely free for you to use. You can speak with one of our solicitors who will explain their service and any costs payable. You can then decide whether to ask for their help or not, but there are no charges to that point providing you with peace of mind.
  • Guaranteed Peace Of Mind – We monitor customer feedback at the end of every claim to ensure you receive a fantastic service.

Ask For Your Whiplash Injury Compensation Claim Assessment Now

Most whiplash injury compensation claims are relatively straightforward and usually result in a quick result and financial settlement. We offer a completely free assessment where we will explain in detail how to claim for whiplash without incurring any legal costs or expenses, so why not take some action now to protect your rights and claim the compensation that you are entitled to?

Call us free now on 0800 142 2775 or complete our enquiry form online.

Why You Must Act Now

If you have suffered a whiplash injury please contact us immediately. Failure to do so could cause your claim to fail or significantly reduce the chances of success for two reasons:

  1. The longer the period you leave before taking action, the less the chance of the success of your claim for whiplash. This is due to the evidence required to connect the chain of events to prove that your whiplash injury was caused by the accident in question.
  2. The Legal Oracle whiplash claim specialists can only look after a set number of people who have been injured. This is because they aim to provide the highest standards of service and can only do this if they limit the number of people that they help. To give you the best chance of being helped by one of our solicitors get in touch with us immediately or we may not be able to help you.

Delay really can be fatal to your chances for a successful whiplash injury compensation claim, so please contact us now and let us take care of you and your whiplash claim.

Call us free now on 0800 142 2775 for your free and instant whiplash claim assessment, or complete our enquiry form online.

What Happens Next?

You will be contacted by one of our specialist whiplash claim solicitors. They will explain whether they are able to help you and explain how to claim for whiplash. If they can, they will then take care of everything else for you. Being whiplash claim specialist solicitors, they know that you have already had enough stress following your accident, so they will make the whole process as simple as possible for you from that moment onwards.

This will include completing paperwork for you, arranging free replacement car hire and medical treatment, and generally taking really good care of you.


Call us free now on 0800 142 2775 or complete our enquiry form online.

We look forward to helping you to secure your whiplash injury compensation claim.


Why Spend Time Trying to Find the Right Solicitor when We Have Already Done It for You?

How do you know which solicitor will provide you with the best service? While you can assume that solicitors have a basic level of legal knowledge, how can you be confident that they really are the right solicitor for you?

The Legal Oracle take the worry out of the search. We have done the pre-approval for you, ensuring that The Legal Oracle solicitors provide highly efficient, specialist expertise, complete competence and a friendly and helpful service. Call us free now on 0800 142 2775.

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