Whiplash Claims Average Payout

The Average Whiplash Compensation For Your Whiplash Injury

The average amount for a whiplash claim is approximately £2,500 for the injury on its own. In addition to this sum, you can claim for any lost earnings, medical treatment and all of your losses and expenses, so the final amount can be considerably higher than this sum.

The maximum compensation amount for whiplash injuries is included down the page, but bearing in mind the combined costs you may be entitled to much more if you have also suffered serious spinal injuries.

However, the amount that you will receive for your whiplash claim can vary hugely based on a number of different factors, not least whether you ask a specialist solicitor to help you.

The best way to ensure succcess in a claim for whiplash, and to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve, is to seek early legal advice from a specialist whiplash claim solicitor.

The Legal Oracle only work with specialist whiplash claim solicitors across the UK to ensure that you receive the best service and the right compensation.


Average Whiplash Compensation Across Whiplash Claim Categories

There are different categories, or brackets, of whiplash claims and these are summarised for you below.

What Is The Average Claim For Minor Whiplash Injuries?

£850 - £2750. This amount is awarded for minor whiplash injuries where recovery is made within one year of the accident.

What Is The Average Claim For Moderate Whiplash Injuries?

£2750 - £5000. This award is for moderate whiplash injuries where full recovery from the whiplash injury is usually made within two years of the date of the accident.

What Is The Average Claim For Moderately Severe Whiplash Injuries?

£5000 - £8750. For a moderately severe whiplash injury recovery usually takes place within a few years of the accident, however, recovery may be protracted and there may be an increased risk of further injury and complications.

What Is The Average Claim For Severe Whiplash Injuries?

£8750 - £16,000. For more severe whiplash injuries resulting in serious limitation of movement, permanent or recurring pain and the possibility of surgery this is the standard amount of whiplash compensation awarded.

Remember that this is just the amount awarded for your pain and suffering attributable to whiplash. In addition to this, you will also receive other whiplash compensation as detailed below.

£16,000 Or £1,000: A Better Solicitor For A Better Result

£16,000 to £1,000 represents the typical range of whiplash compensation available, with £16,000 available for especially severe cases of whiplash and £1,000 typically available for more minor whiplash injures.

At The Legal Oracle, we understand that after a road accident a difference like this can be more significant. What you may not realise is that some of the difference depends on the familiarity your solicitor has with whiplash claims.

A whiplash claim is not a purely mechanical or simple procedure, and different solicitors can obtain different results for their clients.

So what factors create this huge disparity between £16,000 and £1,000 compensation? How can you move from one bracket of whiplash claim compensation to the next – and how can you get more than the average amount of compensation for your bracket?

A large part of the answer is the quality of the solicitor you choose. Fortunately, The Legal Oracle have the experience to sort the wheat from the chaff and match you with a high quality specialist solicitor with years of experience in whiplash claims.

How Do I Receive £16,000 For My Whiplash Payout Instead Of £1,000?

The first and most important decision in ensuring that your award is closer to the £16,000, and possibly far in excess of it, is making the right choice of solicitor to help you. If you choose a non-specialist solicitor, their lack of specific knowledge and expertise could cost you lost compensation along with a lot of lost time before you receive your money. You may also receive an award much closer to the £1,000 amount than the £16,000.

Unfortunately, lacking the ability to represent yourself in court also means that it is harder to tell the difference between the exceptional solicitors, who will gain you all the money you are entitled to, and those solicitors who are merely good. A good solicitor will often obtain a good result, but if you have not received every penny that you could have done they have still essentially cost you money.

Our solicitors are experts in whiplash claims and will ensure that you receive the best amount possible for your whiplash payout. Every claim is different and you will receive an assessment of the value of your claim as soon as possible. To start the process and to find out how much you will receive, you should call us now on 0800 142 2775.

Is £16,000 The Maximum Amount Of Whiplash Compensation?

£16,000 is the top award for any payout for the whiplash injury, but does not represent the total amount of compensation you might receive. In addition to this sum for your injury your solicitor will also include claims for your losses and expenses. If you are off work now, this means that any of your wages or salary that you are not receiving can also be claimed back as a part of your claim for compensation. This can increase your award by a significant sum, often many hundreds or thousands of pounds.

If you have suffered whiplash in addition to other common road accident injuries, such as spinal or head injuries, then again you may be awarded compensation well in excess of £16,000.

In addition to the lost wages, your solicitor will also recover the cost of any other losses and expenses, but once again that is not all.

What If My Vehicle Is Off The Road?

If your car, van, motorbike or other form of transport is currently unable to be driven, you might find yourself without any form of transport, reliant on friends or family to ferry you or your family around. This is inconvenient and often means on top of the pain you are suffering you are also experiencing increased stress.

Again, the fact that you are here before you have chosen your solicitor puts you in a very strong position. The Legal Oracle’s solicitors can arrange not only for a quick repair or valuation of your vehicle, but also to provide you with a replacement vehicle at no cost to you.

What If I Need Treatment So I Can Get Back To Work?

Not everyone has access to a national network of treatment providers who can quickly provide you with physiotherapy, chiropractic or osteopathic treatment, but luckily for you every The Legal Oracle solicitor does have. Therefore, if you need private medical treatment for your whiplash injuries and cannot wait for the strained National Health Service to send you an appointment, we can arrange this for you taking away all of the hassle and most importantly, covering the cost of it too.

Success Or Failure – The Legal Oracle Difference

The Legal Oracle may represent the difference between a completely successful whiplash claim and a partial or total failure. The Legal Oracle solicitor is the right decision for the vast majority of whiplash victims, as most are not in a position to correctly estimate the experience and talent of a typical high street solicitor. Going to another solicitor may not provide you with the best chances of success and may result in a service that is less likely to ensure that your award is at the higher end of the scale for a whiplash payment.

To provide yourself with the best prospects of success, of a higher award, of private medical treatment and a replacement vehicle, we would encourage you to speak with a solicitor chosen by The Legal Oracle. Only then are you ensuring that you are receiving the most appropriate legal aid for your situation. Only then are you one of the chosen few that will receive the best care and attention that is currently available in the legal services market for whiplash claims.

Please call us free now on 0800 142 2775 for your free and instant claim assessment, or complete our enquiry form online, but do it right now to give yourself the best chance not only of success, but of the best whiplash payout available for your injury. You will not regret it.

Why You Must Act Now

If you have suffered an injury please contact us immediately. Failure to do so could cause your claim to fail or significantly reduce the chances of success for two reasons:

  1. The longer the period you leave before taking action, the less the chance of the success of your claim for whiplash. This is due to the evidence required to connect the chain of events to prove that your whiplash injury was caused by the accident in question.
  2. The Legal Oracle whiplash claim specialists can only look after a set number of people who have been injured. This is because they aim to provide the highest standards of service and can only do this if they limit the number of people that they help. To give you the best chance of being helped by one of our solicitors get in touch with us immediately or we may not be able to help you.

For your free, instant Whiplash Claim Assessment, explaining your legal rights and the likely amount of your compensation claim, please call us now on 0800 142 2775 or complete our enquiry form online.

What Happens Next?

You will be contacted by one of our specialist whiplash claim solicitors. They will explain whether they are able to help you with your whiplash claim. If they can, they will then take care of everything else for you. Being specialists, they know that you have already had enough stress following your accident, so they will make the whole process as simple as possible for you from that moment onwards.

This will include completing paperwork for you, arranging free replacement car hire and medical treatment, and generally taking really good care of you.


Why Spend Time Trying to Find the Right Solicitor when We Have Already Done It for You?

How do you know which solicitor will provide you with the best service? While you can assume that solicitors have a basic level of legal knowledge, how can you be confident that they really are the right solicitor for you?

The Legal Oracle take the worry out of the search. We have done the pre-approval for you, ensuring that The Legal Oracle solicitors provide highly efficient, specialist expertise, complete competence and a friendly and helpful service. Call us free now on 0800 142 2775.

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