Whiplash From Side Impact

Can You Sustain A Whiplash Injury From A Side Impact Collision?

If you have been injured in a car or other vehicle accident when someone has collided with the side of your vehicle, can you suffer a whiplash injury?

You may be wondering if it is even possible to sustain a whiplash injury from a collision from a side impact. After all, most of the things we see and hear about whiplash injuries usually arise from accidents that have occurred when one vehicle has collided with the rear of another vehicle (often when the vehicle that is struck is stationary or in a queue of slow moving traffic). This article looks at how a whiplash injury is actually caused, whether it can actually be caused by a side impact collision, what the main symptoms of a whiplash injury are and how long it is likely to take you to recover from your injuries.

The simple answer is yes, it is entirely possible and even common to sustain a whiplash injury from a side impact collision. To find out more about whiplash side impacts, see also our section on the Mechanics Of A Side Impact Collision or visit our Whiplash Claims page to find out more about whiplash claims in general.

What Is A Whiplash Injury?

A whiplash injury is caused during a collision which suddenly and forcefully throws the neck and head of the driver or passengers in the vehicle back and forward. This causes the soft-tissue and ligaments in the neck to be stretched beyond their normal range of movement which in turn causes a whiplash injury.

The Mechanics Of A Side Impact Collision

During a side impact collision, even though the collision is into the side of your vehicle, your vehicle is often moving forwards when the impact occurs. Therefore, a whiplash injury from a side impact collision can often be more severe, as not only is there the forwards and backwards motion, but also a sideways motion. Your neck can be stretched both to the front and back, but also to both sides. Therefore, it is perfectly reasonable to expect to suffer a whiplash injury from a side impact collision.

If you are pursuing a claim for whiplash compensation you need to ensure that you are dealing with specialist whiplash claim solicitors who fully understand that a whiplash injury caused by a side impact collision can be as severe or more severe than a front or rear impact collision. Often, especially if you let your insurers or legal expenses insurers choose your solicitor for you, you will be passed to a junior, non qualified legal adviser who will not have the experience you need to ensure that you will win your claim for compensation from a side impact collision.

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How A Whiplash Injury Presents

A whiplash injury may present itself as pain and stiffness in your neck and shoulders, restricted movement in your neck, headaches, nausea, dizziness and pins and needles. If you experience any or all of these symptoms you should visit your GP or Accident & Emergency Department as soon as possible so that, hopefully, anything more serious than whiplash can be ruled out and you can obtain advice on how to properly treat your whiplash injury to maximise your chances of making a full recovery.

If you have a pre-existing condition whiplash injuries may have a dramatically different impact on your life, and could affect the amount of compensation you can expect to receive.

There are many other factors that affect how much whiplash compensation you can expect to receive, and although you can make a good estimate of the average whiplash compensation amount, everyone’s case is different.

The length of time it takes you to recover from your whiplash injury will depend on how severely you have been injured and whether you receive the right treatment at the right time. Some people recover from fairly minor whiplash injuries within a few weeks or months of the accident whereas those who suffer from more severe whiplash injuries often take a year or two to make a full recovery. In some rare cases, sufferers are left with persistent symptoms that are likely to be permanent.

If you have been injured in an accident, whether it was a side impact collision or any other type of road traffic collision, it is important that you seek medical attention as soon as possible and obtain the best possible legal advice.

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Why You Must Act Now

If you have suffered a whiplash injury please contact us immediately. Failure to do so could cause your claim to fail or significantly reduce the chances of success for two reasons:

  1. The longer the period you leave before taking action, the less the chance of the success of your claim for whiplash. This is due to the evidence required to connect the chain of events to prove that your whiplash injury was caused by the accident in question.
  2. The Legal Oracle whiplash claim specialists can only look after a set number of people who have been injured. This is because they aim to provide the highest standards of service and can only do this if they limit the number of people that they help. To give you the best chance of being helped by one of our solicitors get in touch with us immediately or we may not be able to help you.

Delay really can be fatal to your chances for a successful whiplash injury compensation claim, so please contact us now and let us take care of you and your whiplash claim.

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