Whiplash FAQs

Many of our clients have important questions about how whiplash, and the whiplash claims process, really works.

In order to understand, cope with, and overcome whiplash, it is necessary to understand the answers to many of these questions. As such, we have compiled these pages to help answer some of the most frequently asked questions we face.

Whiplash Claims

At The Legal Oracle we work with specialist whiplash claims solicitors, so if you are looking for an immediate and professional assessment of your situation please use our claim form to allow us to match you with a fantastic whiplash claims solicitor.

If you have more general questions about whiplash claims, we have created these resources to help resolve your issues and address any worries you may have.

Symptoms and Treatment of Whiplash

Whiplash has a number of symptoms, some of which are more subtle and less well-known than others. It can often occur along with other injuries from the same accident, making it quite hard for people who aren't doctors to diagnose accurately.

At The Legal Oracle, we know you need help with the recovery stages of a whiplash injury as well as help with your whiplash claim. We have included some information on whiplash recovery below, but if you want to know more please do get in touch.

Recovery from Whiplash

Whiplash recovery can take a very long time, and it is the long recovery time that is one of the worst things about the injury. It can affect different people of different ages in very different ways, meaning that few people will have the same experience.

Hopefully, we can offer a rough picture of how long a 'typical' whiplash injury lasts.

Children and Whiplash

It is hard to detect whiplash in children because they often don't understand their own symptoms well enough to explain what is happening.

Children do experience whiplash, though, so if you suspect that your child is suffering from a whiplash injury please seek professional medical advice, followed by professional legal advice if necessary.

Insurance and Whiplash

If the other driver has no insurance, or an insurance company is pressuring you to take an unfavourable settlement for your whiplash claim, it can be extremely confusing and concerning.

You don't have to settle for a settlement though. Get in touch with The Legal Oracle to see if our expert whiplash solicitors could help you claim more than your insurance company settlement offer.

Car Accident & Injury Prevention

No matter what the papers say, no-one wants to suffer whiplash. Our guides to car accident injury prevention might help you minimise the pain of a whiplash injury or potentially avoid the injury altogether!


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