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Whilst in time The Legal Oracle will provide a full range of legal services, initially following the Jackson report, the Law Society being keen to ban referral fees and Tesco/Bank law already well underway (Halifax/Co-op Legal Services), the first part of the The Legal Oracle marketing campaign is concentrating exclusively on promoting personal injury services.

Over the years the public have lost loyalty to law firms. Recent surveys in the Gazette confirm that most people do not have any feeling that the person helping them is 'my solicitor'. The family solicitor no longer exists.


In a different sector completely, we have all seen the removal of local services such as greengrocers and butchers as the supermarkets have taken over the supply of local provisions. What has been interesting (and that we can learn from in relation to the provision of legal services) is that over time and when given a reason to do so, the consumer has chosen to return to search out high quality local services.

Reap The Rewards

To build a nationally recognised legal brand providing a quality legal service from smaller firms that rewards clients every time they recommend or use The Legal Oracle service. The reward for the clients will be threefold:

  • Each client will be called at the end of each matter to rate the service received (ie ensuring quality of service from member firms);
  • Every time a client uses or recommends The Legal Oracle service they will receive a £25 credit against future legal purchases or towards a non legal reward scheme; and
  • Each client will receive regular legal updates to keep clients aware of legal changes, build brand loyalty and stimulate further use of The Legal Oracle service.

Download The Prospectus

To find out more about the scheme, please download the prospectus. However, please note there are now only a few slots left now, so if you are interested please do contact us urgently. Once the initial 100 slots are taken, we do not envisage opening the scheme again for at least 18 months to ensure the initial members are fully rewarded for their early support.

Why Spend Time Trying to Find the Right Solicitor when We Have Already Done It for You?

How do you know which solicitor will provide you with the best service? While you can assume that solicitors have a basic level of legal knowledge, how can you be confident that they really are the right solicitor for you?

The Legal Oracle take the worry out of the search. We have done the pre-approval for you, ensuring that The Legal Oracle solicitors provide highly efficient, specialist expertise, complete competence and a friendly and helpful service. Call us free now on 0800 142 2775.

UK Coverage

We have specialist Solicitors across England, Wales and Scotland ready and waiting to help you.